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Build a community garden

What is a community garden?

A community garden is a place where people come together to grow flowers, herbs, fruits or vegetables. Often, community gardens make use of neglected or underused spaces in neighbourhoods, providing beauty and sometimes food for the people who tend them.

What are the benefits of a community garden?

  • Environmental education and conservation – By growing fruits, vegetables and herbs in your community garden, people can learn how to get fresh, local food. Gardening reduces your environmental footprint by reducing fossil fuels needed to transport food from far away.
  • Community building – Collective gardening increases the sense of community in a neighbourhood. It provides a chance for people to meet and work together to develop an area that everyone can enjoy. Community gardening can connect young people and seniors. Young people can learn from seniors and help them out with jobs that might be hard for seniors to do. By connecting people, these gardens play an important role in building safer neighbourhoods.
  • Healthy body and mind – Gardening is part of a healthy lifestyle and allows you to get outside and do something active. It can also provide stress relief and many educational opportunities for young people.
  • Neighbourhood pride – Community gardens help create a sense of pride among neighbours who work together to beautify a space in your community.


The Community Gardening Network of Ottawa has many resources for new gardeners. Check out their website for more information on how to start and maintain your community garden.

If you’re planning a garden in a commercial area, contact your local Business Improvement Area (BIA) to find out if they want to get involved.