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Community services and resources

City of Ottawa Contact Centre


The City of Ottawa’s Contact Centre is open Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Only urgent calls such as broken water mains, traffic lights not functioning, or by-law services such as noise complaints, parking enforcement or animal control services will be accepted outside of business hours.

General Inquiries: 3-1-1 (613-580-2400)
Toll-Free: 866-261-9799
TTY: 613-580-2401-TTY/Teletypewriter users only

Community information and services


Community Information Centre of Ottawa
Offers information about social, health, community or governmental services in Ottawa

e-Blue Book
Online Directory of Ottawa community services

United Way Ottawa

Members of Parliament

To contact local federal Member of Parliament, visit the Parliament of Canada website.

Members of Provincial Parliament

To contact your local Member of Provincial Parliament, visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario's website.

Ottawa City Councillors

Your local City Councillor may be able to help with an issue in your neighbourhood. Get in touch with him or her about any initiatives you start. Not sure who your councillor is? Visit the City of Ottawa website.