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Connect with people who can help you

The old saying “there is strength in numbers” is true. The more connected we are to people and groups in our community, the more we benefit from each other’s skills and knowledge. We’re also more likely to help one another in times of need.

So get to know your local Community Police Officer, Community Police Centre, and Community Health and Resource Centre.

Your local City Councillor may also be able to help with an issue in your neighbourhood. Get in touch with him or her about any initiatives you start. Not sure who your councillor is? Visit the City of Ottawa website.

It’s also a good idea to connect with schools, churches, other faith groups and non-profit organizations. This is a great way to find out about projects or issues that you might be interested in and that you can all work on together. Every neighbourhood has organizations and clubs. Get to know yours before you start a project. Be familiar with the local media and reporters. Those relationships can be handy when you’re looking to raise the profile of an issue or advertise an event.

And, after all your hard work is done, remember to celebrate your successes!

  • Take photos of your events and initiatives—and share them
  • Write stories and send them to community papers and other media
  • Write emails to politicians and organizations in your community to let them know about the good work you’re doing
  • Share your stories on a community website, blog or Crime Prevention Ottawa’s Facebook page

Hearing about someone else’s success can often lead others to take action too.