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Over-consumption of alcohol among teenagers and adults can have serious and sometimes fatal consequences. This section explores some of the key issues related to drinking.

Binge drinking

Binge drinking is a problem with many young people. It can lead to outbursts of violence, alcohol poisoning, unsafe sex, sexual assault, impaired driving or other risk-taking behaviours. To find out more about binge drinking and how to deal with the problem, read the Government of Saskatchewan's Ministry of Health's “Fact Sheet: Binge Drinking

Drinking and driving

Visit our section on driving for information and resources related to impaired driving involving alcohol or drugs.

Drinking and sexual assault

Crime Prevention Ottawa launched the “Don’t be THAT guy” poster campaign in 2011 to raise awareness among young people about the dangers of sexual assault in situations involving alcohol. The posters can be found in bars around Ottawa, as well as university dormitories. To find out more, visit the CPO website, where you can order posters and learn about our efforts.