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Illegal dumping

It is illegal to dump garbage, appliances or snow in private parking lots, on the sides of streets or rural roads, or in vacant lots. Fines for people caught littering are $305.

If you own a private property such as a home, business, farm, mall or vacant lot, and you use it to dump litter, garbage or snow, you will be approached by By-Law staff and asked to clean it up. If you do not clean it up, the City of Ottawa may do the clean up and charge you for it, according to the Property Standards By-Law.

The last resort may come to laying charges. For more information, visit the City of Ottawa Litterbug website.

If someone dumps garbage, discarded items or snow on your land, you will be asked to clean it up. The clean-up is the responsibility of the property owner. However, if you see someone dumping garbage or snow, record their licence plate number and report it to By-Law Services. Similarly, you may be able to find something that identifies the person responsible, such as an envelope discarded with the garbage that contains a name and address. Pass any information like this on to By-Law or police.