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Landlord responsibilities

Do you own a duplex, condo or townhouse and rent it out? An apartment building? Or a boarding house? If so, be aware that you have responsibilities as a landlord.

Landlords and tenants of most rental units are covered by the rules in the Residential Tenancies Act. The Act also applies to care homes, retirement homes, and sites in a mobile home park or land lease community. You can read the full Act or the Guide to the Residential Tenancies Act on the Landlord and Tenant Board’s website.

The Board resolves disputes between tenants and landlords.

From a safety point-of-view, Crime Prevention Ottawa’s publication, Safety and Security in Rental Buildings: An Information Guide for Ottawa’s Residential Landlords, is a valuable resource. It is packed with tips about selecting tenants, landlord obligations, conducting inspections, dealing with complaints, and much more.