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Pets can be wonderful companions but, as a neighbour in a house or apartment building, there are things you need to know:

  • Understand the expectations on you as an animal owner.
  • Know how your pet might negatively affect your neighbours.
  • Be familiar with the by-laws about properly controlling your pet, animal noise and cleaning up after it.
  • Be aware that if you do not follow the rules, you could be subject to fines or other serious consequences (if you are a renter, you could even be evicted from your home).

The City of Ottawa offers information on Animal Care and Control on its website.

If you own a dog, or are having problems with a dog in your community, read the Dog Owner’s Liability Act online.

Find more information about dog and cat registration, noise, pet identification programs and spaying or neutering your pet from the City of Ottawa.

Cleaning up after your dog

Dog waste is a public health hazard and can take the pleasure out of outdoor activities for many people. It also pollutes the environment. What can you do about it?

  • The City of Ottawa encourages flushing pet waste down the toilet, as it will be properly treated at the sewage plant.
  • Dog owners can also place the waste in their regular garbage as long as it is properly wrapped in absorbent paper and placed in a sealed, leak-proof bag.

Failure to pick up after your dog is a by-law offence. It is also a by-law offence if you do not take it home and dispose of it in your own garbage.

For more information on why you should pick up after your dog and the consequences for not doing so, visit the city’s website.

Dogs in parks

Parks are a great place to exercise your dog, but you should never do so without considering other people who use those parks. You need to understand when and where dogs are allowed, and if they must be leashed or if they are allowed off-leash in certain areas.

Many parks have signs that tell you what is expected. For more information about parks in Ottawa, see the city’s website.