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Report a crime

If you are the victim of a crime — or if you witness one — it is important to report it to police or the proper authorities. To find out more about who to contact and how, visit the “Get help” section of the Toolkit.

The Ottawa Police Service website also offers useful information on how the police can help —  and the steps you need to take to file a police report or make a traffic complaint. The site also provides tips on making the right call —  be it 9-1-1, emergency calls, requests for information or calls about theft, property damage, missing persons or stolen vehicles.

Help the authorities help you

It is important to keep a good, clear record of a crime you witness or experience. Record all the details immediately following the incident. Consider all the facts and write down the who, what, when, where, why and how of the crime.

Specifically, when you report a crime or incident, be sure to provide the following information to police or authorities:

  • Your name, location and phone number.
  • A brief description of what occurred.
  • Where and when the incident took place.
  • Is anyone in need of medical assistance?
  • Is anyone in danger now?
  • How many suspects are involved?
  • Describe the suspect vehicle (if any) and license plate, if known.
  • Did the suspect have a weapon? If so, what type of weapon?
  • Where and when was the suspect last seen?
  • What did the suspect look like (gender, race, age, height, weight, hair color and length, clothing, facial hair, tattoos or scars)?
  • Where should the police go to meet you or to respond to this incident?
  • Be sure to include any other relevant information.