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Safety planning

Good planning is useful in all aspects of your life, but it is especially useful in crime prevention at your place of business. An increasingly popular and effective method of planning is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
CPTED design ideas can be used to plan business locations, cities, suburbs and homes. They include:

1.    Natural surveillance

  • provide unobstructed views of surrounding area
  • keep areas well lit
  • ensure entrances have a clear line of sight from inside and outside
  • eliminate hiding spaces which create hiding spots (thick hedges, for example)

2.    Natural access control

  • Use curbing and landscaping to direct car and foot traffic into a controlled and visible area
  • Use a single, clearly identifiable, point of entry
  • Use structures to divert customers to reception areas

3.    Territorial reinforcement

  • Make sure receptionists have clear sightlines to all entrances
  • Display security system signage at access points
  • Where applicable, implement a visitor badging system, and make sure that all visitors are properly escorted

4.    Maintenance

  • A well-maintained business location sends the message that the owners notice and care about what happens to their business

For more information about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, visit the RCMP website or CPTED Ontario.