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Start a tenant association

What is a tenant association?

If you rent your home or rent an apartment in a building, you might consider starting a tenant association. Like a neighbourhood association, a tenant association is a group of tenants who live in a building or area. They work together to take on projects or to speak up about issues that concern tenants. Tenants in your building or community are elected by their fellow tenants to run the association.

Why start a tenant association?

A tenant association can:

  • offer a more effective way to address community issues or problems
  • give tenants a stronger voice and an opportunity to make a difference
  • make sure you tackle problems with the benefit of different perspectives and skills
  • be a great way to start social activities in your community, such as parties, events and other initiatives involving many people

Ottawa Community Housing provides many resources for tenants, including a handbook.

You can find out about your rights as a tenant on the Ontario Tenants website.

To learn more about forming a Board of Directors and getting insurance, see the Start a Neighbourhood Association section of this toolkit.